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What we do


Web Design & Development

Website may be the first glimpse that potential customers have of your business – that first impression must reflect the strengths and ideals of your company.


Software Development

Software applications play a major role in today’s business world and form one of the primary building blocks for the success of the organization. Many organizations automate business processes and workflow to improve efficiency and enhance customer experience that enables them to focus on their core business competencies.


Cloud services

Gain access to the latest cloud services and improve the way you do business. Store and analyze more information, modernize your cloud infrastructure, modernize legacy applications, promote internal collaboration, and more with the latest cloud services.  


Staff Augmentation

Our training, diverse career opportunities, and professional employee services allow us to augment IT and professional staff for when you need functional expertise. Our consultant undergoes rigorous training and are up to date on the latest technologies.


Agile Methodology based Services

Our team utilizes agile methodologies to collaboration between cross-functional teams and provide iterative development to our service, solutions, and products, enabling continuous customer feedback through early and progressive delivery of working software.

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FCT develops and implements customer-centric, highly tailored applications. We have been delivering high quality software products for our clients for over a decade.

Industries We Support

We have experience in supporting various business and functional industries, including these domains.
Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

Project execution experience in development, enhancement, and support of financial applications for banks, stock market regulators, and other financial brokerage institutions. We provide banking clients with fast, reliable, and secure applications and solutions.

Health IT

Experience in development of health care applications in compliance with industry standards, along with the development of Medicare and Pharmaceutical applications and validation services. We ensure medical information confidentiality.


Design, development, and integration of E-Commerce solutions. Expertise in tailoring and customization of E-Commerce IT systems according to the customer needs. We create reliable, fast, and secure E-Commerce solutions for our clients’ online sales.


FCT has business analysis, development, and implementation expertise in data processing and management applications to support telecommunications customers. We ensure that our telecommunication customers can reliably handle and use data.