Staff Augmentation


FCT maintains a skilled pool of technical and professional experts in order to supplement the gaps in our clients’ organizations. Additionally, our team helps you outsource tasks and project needs to qualified business professionals for cost-savings.

We keep our consultants abreast of latest technology by professional training and continued skills development. Our associates include:

Our training, diverse career opportunities, and professional employee services allow us to retain the employee for longer time and keep raising the technical and professional expertise by providing an excellent work environment.

Instead of hiring new staff for a project or investing in a new hire to meet technical needs, augment your staff with an experienced technical consultant who can easily integrate into your team of professionals and provide valuable insight. Easily scale resources and hire additional consultants or staff as needed to accommodate a growing list of projects or new demands.

Save costs by reducing the need for on premises staff, reduce the financial strain of hiring and training positions, and gain access to in-demand skillsets when needed. Free up your technical resources and HR to reinvest in other areas of the business. Augment staff when needed for the duration of a project or technical gap in your team, without the financial drain of searching for and hiring permanent positions for temporary roles.

Procure technical and professional expertise on-demand. If or when there is a reduced need, simply cancel a subscription or shut down service. Free up resources for different aspects of your business and transition seamlessly from one service to another when your needs change.

Reach out to our team and discover what Future Cyber Tech can do for your business.

FCT develops and implements customer-centric, highly tailored applications. We have been delivering high quality software products for our clients for over a decade.